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Jun 20


Slick was the first WordPress theme we designed to give away for free and for a while now, it’s been just about the most popular download.  Slick is a multipurpose agency and blog theme that could be used for a wide variety of applications, from hyping a new web application to showing off your design work. I know a lot of students use it to promote their portfolios in college or design school.  I think that’s pretty cool.  Again, it’s completely and utterly free, it has a full screen parallax scrolling feature that does the kinds of things that other, premium things do, but at the lowest price possible.  (I’m not giving you money to download it.)

Here’s the demo site.

Slick is simple, pretty basic in it’s design, we didn’t want to get bogged down in a bunch of extra information that takes away from the simple design of the site, so it’s almost a flat, minimalist theme in it’s design, though I think it’s hard to call a parallax theme completely minimalist, really.  It’s a good theme for beginners at WordPress, because it’s straightforward to implement, but it has enough visual impact to make a great impression on your readers.  The one page, responsive design means it’s a beautiful theme to use for mobile devices, but it’s equally adept at handling larger displays.  You can show off videos too, with support for embedded videos from places like YouTube or Vimeo.

We’ve included page templates for portfolios, a full-width layout and archives too.  They allow each of those pages to have a slightly different look, which keeps interest in your website high as people browse around.  The portfolio pages are filterable by type, there are a bunch of custom widgets included, localization support means you can translate this theme into any language.  (If you do that, I’d love to have the .po and .mo files so we can add functionality to other folks who use this theme.)  You can add testimonials, create a cool looking full screen slideshow and a whole bunch more cool stuff.

So, while this theme has a lot of features, it’s still completely free.  You may find better themes on the market, but you won’t find better free themes anywhere.  This is a freemium theme if there’s ever been such a thing.  This responsive template has everything you need to create a cool blog with portfolios to show off whatever art projects you’re into.  If you use it, let us know your URL so we can check out what you’re up to.  How about that list of features then.

WPML Compatible Completely Responsive Design Slideshow Shortcode Page Templates Theme Options Panel Custom Widgets One Click Logo Upload Filterable Portfolio Video Support Testimonials 600 + Google Font Support Column Shortcodes Complete Browser Compatibility

Yep, that’s just about all.

Download Slick Here.

We’re trying to add new features to this theme, so if you see something you’d like to add to it, let us know, we’ll be happy to oblige.


Jun 19


Stuff is another WooCommerce theme we designed and we’re giving it away for free.  With Stuff, you’ll be able to have a blog and sell your products too, since it comes with the capability to ‘chew gum and walk’ as they say.  It’s not too much to ask for a theme to be able to do that, but there really aren’t a ton of free WordPress themes out there that have the skills to handle WooCommerce like Stuff does.

Here’s the demo site.

We wanted Stuff to be a simple, almost minimalist eCommerce site that’s easy enough for beginners who are just getting started with selling products online.  I hope we’ve done that.  You can have a stylish blog to go along with your sales, which helps attract traffic.  It’s really just as good as a simple, minimalist blog page, maybe you don’t even want to sell products?  Or you’re giving them away and want to capture information to use for later.  Whatever it is you want to use this theme for, Stuff is ready to get you started.  Stuff’s responsive layout looks amazing on smart phones, on tablets and on desktops too.  There are a significant number of easily adjusted theme options to help with creating a unique color scheme, adjusting typography and more.  You can also make a nice portfolio to go along with your eCommerce and blog pages.

We chose to make this theme WooCommerce ready, since Woo is probably the leading eCommerce cart for WordPress.  That means there’s a lot of folks testing out the product and making sure it works right every time.  You can extend WooCommerce with addons like affiliate sales plugins, drop shipping and a whole lot more.  Some of those plugins cost money though, so beware.  You can get a long way with the vanilla, free set up though, so Woo is still a great choice.

Again, this isn’t a truly ‘premium’ theme, it’s a freebie.  But it is good enough to get you started with selling your products online.  It’s responsive, it’s got all the main features you need to get a business rolling and it’s stable and bug-free.  (It also loads fast, because it’s not bloated like some premium themes are.)  It’s easy to set up too, just a simple WordPress installation, nothing too crazy, so if you are a beginner with WordPress, I think you’ll find it’s very straightforward to get started.  Here are some more of the fantastic features of this theme.

WPML Compatible WooCommerce Ready Completely Responsive Design Slideshow Shortcode Theme Options Panel Custom Widgets One Click Logo Upload Filterable Portfolio Built In Page Templates 600 + Google Font Support Column Shortcodes Complete Browser Compatibility

Okay, that’s a bunch of features.  So, if you’ve heard enough about it and want to give this one a shot, here’s the link to our downloads page.

Download Stuff Here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Stuff.  Whether it’s Stuff this theme, or stuff in general.  We like to talk.

crisp wordpress theme

Jun 18


Crisp is a fantastic WooCommerce ready, and completely free, WordPress theme, brought to you by EvoWPThemes.  You know, we’re just getting started with giving away free, premium themes that we’ve made, but there’s plenty more amazing stuff to come.  Hey, stuff, that’s a great name for a theme.  We may have to keep that in mind.

Here’s the demo site.

Anyway, here we go.  This clean, responsive theme is a wonderful way to display your projects and products in a way that catches your reader’s attention.  With a good design and WooCommerce, you can turn potential customers into paying customers and that’s a great feeling.  Since this theme is completely free, you won’t have to spend a bunch of money on an expensive premium theme that does basically the same stuff as this one.  If you’re like me and this is just a hobby, a cost-free start goes a long way to making it easier.  Before I designed this theme, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on buying a top of the line theme, so I made this one to be able to give away products using the WooCommerce plugin.  If that sounds familiar, you may like this theme.  It’s got a lot of the same features that other, more expensive themes offer, but it’s free.  Pretty nice, huh?  Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Crisp is a minimalist style WooCommerce ready portfolio theme.  We’ve tried to keep this theme as simple and effective as we could, we didn’t pack it with a lot of extra code that will bog your site down, so it should do well in terms of SEO performance.  I’ve updated this theme to work with the newest versions of WordPress and I think it looks great on any device, since it’s responsive.  If you use images that are large enough, it really looks good on either a handheld or a big monitor.  Honestly, there aren’t a lot of free WooCommerce themes around, so I think you might find this is a good choice if you’re just getting started out in selling products or you’re only doing this as a sort of hobby.  There are better themes out there, but I don’t think there are better free themes.

It’s easy to set up too, just a simple WordPress installation, nothing too crazy.  Anyway, I think that’s enough blathering.  Here are some more of the fantastic features of this theme.

WPML Compatible WooCommerce Ready Responsive Design Shortcode For Slideshow Simple Theme Options Panel Custom Widgets One Click Logo Upload Filterable Portfolio Page Templates 600+ Google Font Support Column Shortcodes Full Browser Compatibility

Heard enough?  Well, we’re proud to offer this theme for free, so if you’d like to give it a whirl, head to our downloads page.

Download Crisp Here.

And hey, if you run into problems, drop us an email and we’ll try to help you through any problems you’ve run into.



Jun 17


Shiner is another portfolio WordPress theme that you can download from us for absolutely free.  No strings attached, we swear.  Shiner is a powerful theme, considering it is free, with a home page that features multiple parallax sections, a nice looking navigation system that’s hidden until the user clicks on the icon.  Shiner is meant to be a very simple looking theme that works for any purpose and I hope you enjoy it.  It’s got a blog set up included, which means you can use this theme as both a portfolio and a journal.  I think this one would be fantastic as a travel journal, since you can upload your videos or embed a Vimeo or YouTube clip.  Or maybe you just use it to talk about your latest art projects or fun stuff you’ve found in your travels around the internet.

This is our most popular free download, with quite a few people using it to set up a website with both blog and portfolio pages.  You’ll find it easy to adjust the color and typography settings in the theme options panel and Shiner offers a wide range of other features and settings that you can use to make a great new website.  Installing Shiner is easy, just a few clicks and you’re there.  Don’t waste your time installing the theme, spend your time wisely by getting started blogging immediately.

Here’s the demo site.

We wanted to keep Shiner pretty basic in it’s design, so you’re not going to see a ton of bells and whistles that distract from the main content.  The blog page is simple and effective, it loads quickly and it looks great, I think.  Like all of our themes, I’ve kept it simple enough for beginners to get started, but it’s advanced enough that even if you’re experienced with WordPress, it could be a good choice.  Shiner allows you to add icons for social networks too, so you can keep your readers in touch with what you’ve been up to.  The portfolio page design is simple, elegant and makes it so the content comes first.  So many themes put the design on display and I didn’t want that to be the case with Shiner.

So, how about a features list for Shiner.

WPML Compatible, Translation Ready 100% Responsive Design Slideshow Shortcode Multiple Page Templates Feature Filled Theme Options Panel Complete Browser Compatibility Custom Widgets One Click Logo Upload Filterable Portfolio Video Support Testimonials 600 + Google Font Support Column Shortcodes

Okay, that does it for the features list.   Can’t wait any longer?  Okay, you can…

Download Shiner Here.

We built Shiner to please and we sure hope it does.  If you decide to use it, we’d love to see the kind of site you can come up with, so hit us up.