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17+ Of The Best WordPress Responsive Themes

Responsive themes look great no matter what device you’re using, whether it’s a tablet, a laptop, desktop or smart phone.  In 2016, it’s a must to have a responsive theme that is functional and powerful.  And Google values the user experience these responsive themes give to users.  In fact, they value it so much that responsive themes tend to outrank similar sites that lack the mobile display capability.  We’ve found the very best mobile WordPress themes and gathered them together on this page so that if you see something here, you know it’s one of the very best responsive themes you can find.


divi WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Divi is one of the most impressive themes to come along in the last few months.  Divi is a true multipurpose theme, with tons of layouts and features included, so you can certainly adapt it for use as a photography or design portfolio.  Best of all, you can also take advantage of WooCommerce to sell your products online too.  Pretty cool!  We think you’re going to love just about everything about this theme, the functionality, the design, the support from Elegant Themes and best of all, the price.

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woocommerce themes

The WooCommerce plugin helps make Foxy a feature rich and rather lovely eCommerce store template, to go along with it’s pretty blog and filterable portfolio capabilities.  Foxy is the right blend of incredible style, clean lines, great code, tasty waves and bold features.  Foxy is an excellent, clear, and classy portfolio theme that changes to every screen quality. This is certainly the most impressive Elegant Themes. Set full screen back-ground illustrations or photos to successfully give every portfolio, blog post, or webpage it’s own unique persona. Simply turn a collection of pictures in to a slideshow. Instantly rearrange facets of the design with an internal features panel. Choose and post the site logo graphic. Each theme which you purchase offers life time support.  Elegant themes really puts a lot of time and effort into everything they offer and it is pretty easy to see that this one is no exception.  Take a look at their products.

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Zero WooCommerce Theme

zero tesla themes woocommerce

Tesla Themes has another great responsive offering, named Zero.  This is a Woo Commerce theme, good for any types of store, and perfectly coded for great stability and quick page-load times to always keep search engines completely satisfied. The Zero demo was designed to be a web application retail store, yet there’s virtually no restriction to what sort of merchandise you may provide utilizing this site, from gift ideas to computer products, sports items, shoes and another sort of site that you wish a feature-rich eCommerce alternative at an acceptable price.  If you need a WooCommerce theme, Zero may be a real winner.

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yaga wordpress responsive portfolio theme modern

Yaga is a multi-purpose, responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme, that comes equipped with all the features you need to set up a responsive WordPress site quick, fast and in a hurry.  Yaga offers something unique too, a pair of plug-ins, built by PeHaa themes.  Pehaa Themes Simple Posts types, whoch lets you add any custom post type you want to, such a recipes, portfolio projects, travel destinations or whatever you want.  And the PeHaa Themes Page Builder, which makes it simple to craft your own design layouts using 20+ fancy content elements and text modules.  The design of this theme is fantastic, it’s child ready and compliant with the W3C standards for WordPress code.  Instantly preview any customization, thanks to the WordPress customizer.  This theme also loads very quickly and smoothly too, because the number of http requests is relatively low.  That reduces the weight of the theme, causes it to load faster, particularly on mobile devices.  Very important for a responsive WordPress theme.

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kreo wordpress minimalism theme

Kreo is a minimalist, responsive WordPress theme that brings high-minded design, a functional navigation and tremendous user experience together in one reasonably priced package.  This responsive design bundles blog functionality, portfolio galleries, a full featured WooCommerce shop and more, together in one multi-purpose theme.  Kreo calls itself a ‘Five in One’ template, which hints at the variety of purposes that it can serve, and that’s why it has so many demo sites.  This modern theme is crisp, bold and clear.  There’s a creative portfolio set-up that freelance artists of all kinds will find attractive, a sleek and modern blog functionality that advertising agencies, creative firms or self-employed artists might find useful.  And if you should want to sell your wares online, the eCommerce compatibility is critical.  This theme serves a lot of roles.  Kreo was created with Visual Composer, one of the most popular plugins on ThemeForest, and that allows you to switch up your page layouts by just dragging and dropping in new elements, or rearranging the ones you already have.  That means your site doesn’t have to remain static and your audience will appreciate that.

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Agency Pro Responsive WordPress Theme


Agency Pro is a modern and professional business WordPress theme with a mobile ready responsive design. The premium theme from Frogs Themes has a bold, visually appealing design perfect for start-ups, small businesses, large corporates or any other business that wants a high impact web presence.

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Photography Responsive Portfolio Theme

wordpress responsive photography theme

Your photographs are bright, dynamic and beautiful – you need a WordPress site that can deliver that same style.  Photography is a web template that has a lot of flexibility and options to make a great first impression on your readers.  This theme has 24 separate demo sites, each give a slightly different set of features that you might like on your own site.  Pick a light or dark version with a classic left aligned menu, centered, top bar, left and right menus, full screen video…you get the picture, a lot more.  There are 70 different gallery and portfolio templates.  Some folks might want a three column portfolio, some might prefer four.  You’ll have the option to do whatever you want with this theme.  Also photographers, this theme has photo proofing feature built in, which is a must have for a photography business.

Reveal Theme Responsive WordPress Theme

Welcome to our outstanding totally responsive design. What makes this theme so outstanding is its ability to adapt to every type of screen size. This new site comes with several distinct layouts, each meant to make the most of your user’s experience when surfing on mobile phones and tablets. No longer will they need to zoom and scroll to view your site, as the template’s layout can change to the tablet screen and display your posts in an visceral way automatically. Just try resizing your browser’s window size when scoping out the theme to see the amazing effect in real life!



Blaszok is a responsive portfolio WordPress theme for camera folks, photographers and other designers who want to display their camera work without distractions.  This almost unbelievably simple and powerful WordPress theme is crowded with some excellent features that make it almost unbelievably easy to make a website right out of the box!



The WooCommerce plugin provide a excellent place to show folks all kinds of products on a simple website.  Any what kind services you would like to sell, WooCommerce is a cool solution to sell your products quickly and easily!  If you need a cool new WooCommerce eCommerce theme, this stunning theme might just be a great option.  This is totally fast to set up a new eCommerce shop and it’s not expensive.  You can be certain your website’s customers will truly enjoy their browsing on your eCommerce store, for the reason that this powerful theme has the cat’s pajamas  support and it’s well crafted.



How can a feature packed page builder theme be kind of minimalist at the same time?  You’re about to find out.  Our next portfolio theme is a flawless and peachy portfolio template, good for a almost unbelievably simple art portfolio or a clean personal blog.  Navigation is very simple and it’s got a wide range of features, great for any kind of blog.



Creativity is everything.  If it’s important to you to have a smart looking responsive portfolio, perhaps with parallax scrolling effects, then Creativity might be the perfect theme for you.    This simple and powerful template is cram packed with perfect ingredients that make it simple and painless to build a WordPress site rapidly!



The WooCommerce plugin give you a wicked-good way to sell products on your website.  It doesn’t matter what what kind goods you are selling, WooCommerce is a incredible plugin to git ‘er done with almost no problems!  If You’ve come in search of an incredible new WooCommerce eCommerce theme, this one maybe ideal.  This theme is incredibly easy to get set up with a new WooCommerce store and it’s not expensive.  You can be sure that your valued customers will really like their shopping experience on your web page, and it’s got a lot to with the fact that this cool theme has perfect  support and it’s well designed.


Uber is an uncomplicated, spotless, and fashionable grid style portfolio theme that adapts to just about any screen resolution. This is among the best ThemeTrust themes or templates. Set full screen background pictures to quite easily give every design, web post, or page it’s very own persona. Slickly flip a group of graphics in to a slideshow. Swiftly rearrange facets of the design with a built-in features panel. Pick and publish your site’s logo image. Every ThemeTrust theme which you invest in features lifetime support.


WordPress woocommerce themes

  Up next, this WooCommerce WP design is a smooth and fun, absolutely template that fuses a lot of fun and professionalism and reliability into one awesome package. Useful for startups, tech organizations or maybe design firms, this theme could dazzle your traffic with its radical design. The design also is packaged with a lot of great benefits, like responsive design, personalized background pictures and more!  This simple and incredible WordPress theme is utterly filled with absolutely perfect things that make it simple and painless to build a website with almost no problems!  The features and design of this WordPress theme is very good-looking and potential customes will have a fun time with their time on your site.


sahifa WordPress magazine theme with reviews engine

Sahifa is one of the most popular and flexible magazine themes around, good for blogs and news sites too and it’s responsive, so if your visitors are on a mobile device, it’ll still look amazing.  Built in review engine and a features list that goes on and on and on.

infinity masonry blog clean design

Infinity is a responsive WP theme for your blog or portfolio page.  It’s got an attractive grid layout with a lot of features to make blogging easy and fun.



Gleam is one of the best.  it’s an elegant and lovely full-screen theme, responsive and fluid, so it look good on any device.  Showcase your pictures and images fullscreen, not covered up by your content.


velocity WordPress multipurpose-theme
Velocity give you an incredible amount of clean and sleek features.  Highlight almost any goods or services with a first-class looking single page site. Viewing pages with parallax sections is first-class and is an eye catching feature anybody will like.  This theme is a a great choice parallax style theme for up and coming design firms who want to show off their work in a great new manner. This theme is definitely going to stun and amaze everyone with its fun and helpful movement and transitions that make everything look and feel absolutely natural. The incredible portfolio area is extremely powerful and is definitely customized in a jiffy with only a very small number of clicks.  Want to know more?


blume WordPress woocommerce theme

Blume is an amazing theme to let you construct a really beautiful and responsive agency website.  Awesome gallery system and clean layout design make this one really popular.  Up next, this WP theme design is a shiny and flashy, fully theme that fuses lots of fun and professionalism into one outstanding parcel. Perfect for startups, modern technology web sites or even design firms, this template might charm visitors with its ground-breaking style and design. The theme additionally can come packed with a pile of features, like responsive design, personalized backdrop graphics and more!  This straightforward to use and feature rich theme is jam packed with boss qualities that make it very simple to make a new WordPress webite fast!  The whole look and feel of this WordPress theme is very well-crafted and everone who visits will have a good time with their visit to your page.



Enfold is among the genuine premium WP themes in the market. Responsive design and retina display is only the start. Kreisi gives various blog and header layouts, unrestricted versions, Optimization options, slideshows as well as amazing shortcodes. Enfold comes with many amazing choices. To say that this design is adaptable is an incredible understatement. Construct your own personal skin or use one of the attractive predefined skins contained in the .zip file. Incredible! With over tens of thousands completely satisfied purchasers as well as an incredible 4.8+ ranking on ThemeForest can’t be wrong!



Breeze is a delightful and responsive WordPress theme that will make your blogging and portfolio building experience a real treat.  I mean that.  It’s made to make your experience painless and fun, with superlative looking design elements, responsive support and more.  Breeze makes it easy to reach your audience and impress them with incredible features and options that are easy to custiomize.  Truly premium WordPress themes are a simple, fun and out of sight way to help launch a WP page swiftly. These particular beautiful prime templates provide several benefits. Fabulous support for your new theme, effortless features, beneficial theme. Your online business is crucial, your web blog has to be, and really deserves to be, great.



Themewaves is a professional WordPress development team and their focus is on helping their customers and growing with together. All support on every theme is from the heart and they do a great job of responding quickly to the needs of their customers.  Leafage is a corporate WordPress theme with a page builder included and it’s got a lot of options to make each page ultimately configurable.



Atticus is a premium WordPress Theme, simple to get started with and it gives an amazing, responsive and professional look to your site.  built in page builders, loads of options and features too, so you can build whatever kind of website you want.



Foxy is a slick, well crafted portfolio theme that’s all business…except for the fun part.  ECommerce is no problem with Foxy, it’s eCommerce ready.  If you want this theme to look great on any device, you’re in luck…Foxy is responsive.  Your business will look very professional with Foxy theme and you’ll be online in no time, because Elegant Themes are fast to set up.  If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that’s both responsive and striking to look at, with incredible support at a reasonable price, Foxy is the best solution on the market.   The functional layout is a real bonus too.

gather Minimalist and Responsive E-Commerce Theme

The free WooCommerce plugin helps make Gather a feature rich eCommerce platform, to go along with it’s lovely blog and filterable portfolio capabilities.  Gather is the right combination of cool style, modern lines, great code, tasty waves and bigtime features.  Gather is an excellent, clear, and elegant portfolio theme that adjusts to almost any screen image resolution. It really is one of the most effective ThemeTrust web templates. Set full screen back-ground designs to readily bestow every portfolio, web post, or webpage it’s own special style. Simply turn a collection of imagery in to a slideshow. Instantly adjust aspects of the theme’s design with a built in features panel. Select and publish a site logo image. Every Theme Trust theme you buy is sold with lifetime assistance.

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